I have been finding great joy & satisfaction in painting. I began with online tutorials (great fun!) and have progressed to trying my hand at my own creations. I have most definitely discovered a new hobby!

Lego Metropolis

Oh. My. Gosh. I had the opportunity recently to photograph the phenomenal Lego metropolis creation of my friend's two industrious young boys. WOW. Years in the making, and the attention to detail is breathtaking. I spent hours there and I'm sure I still missed many of the story vignettes that are hidden in this masterpiece. Some that I did enjoy are pictured here....the fireman trying to coax the cat out of the tree with a fish (!), the pizza deliveryman knocking at the door, the woman tending her flower garden, the young man shooting hoops in the park, the gentleman leaving the hospital on crutches, the couple getting married on the courthouse steps (complete with photographer AND videographer)....and the list goes on. I am so inspired by what these boys have created. Truly amazing.

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