Photography captures a moment in time.

A flower blossom opening. A fallen leaf.  A cluster of bird eggs in a spring nest.  A rustic bench, framed by verdant gardens. A tiny frog amid leafy greenery. Gentle sheep in a sunlit pasture.

In our fast-paced world I find that a captured moment of tranquility can bring to the viewer an uplifting sense of calmness. It is my hope that my photo notecards bring the essence of the captured moment to you and those you share the cards with.

My photo notecards are available for sale at the following locations:

 Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA), West Bend, Wisconsin

Johnson's Gardens, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Mama D's Coffee, Wales, Wisconsin

Fieldstone Gallery, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Handmade Jewelry

All wires used in my earrings are hypo-allergenic and nickel free. Many of my bracelets, necklaces & earrings are made with natural gemstones.

I bead mostly for fun and to share with friends but occasionally do sell pieces.

Contact me if you're interested.  (

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